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  1. green-tea cheesecake (no oven)
  2. smashed cucumber salad(si-chuan style)
  3. to be determined...
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green-tea cheesecake

disclaimer: this is not the original recipe, this is edited to taste. I made it less sweet

Ingredients (matcha glacage) Quantity
water 5g
gelatin 1g
sugar 33g
water 20g (seperate cup)
matcha powder 4g
heavy cream 25g
Ingredients (cake part) Quantity
cream cheese 200g
sugar 37g
milk 30g
gelatin 5g
white chocolate 50g
heavy cream 125g
matcha 7g
heavy cream 50g (seperate cup)
Ingredients (base part) Quantity
cookies: oreo mixed with digestive cookies
or any cookies of your choice
melted butter 30g (seperate cup)


Part 1: base
Smash the cookies together in a zip-lock bag, make sure they are smashed fine enough
Mix the crumbs with the melted butter in another bowl.
Get the cake ring mold ready, wash it, and wipe it dry put the crumbs in the ring mold
flatten the cookies with a spoon, make sure they are even and condensed
put the cake mold inside the fridge, cover it if needed

Part 2: cake Take the 200g of cream cheese in a bowl
Start mixing them until they reach a smooth consistency, no longer stiff
Add 37g of sugar
Start mixing them together until the sugar has fully dissolved into the cream cheese, a smooth texture

In another bowl, add 30g milk and 5g gelatin
Mix them until they blend into each other, they should start to turn stiff like jelly
In another pot of hot water, put the bowl of gelatin mixed milk in the pot of hot water
Keep stirring over the hot water until gelatin and milk becomes liquid
Add the liquid gelatin into the bowl with cream cheese
Mix them together until fully dissolved with no bumps

Get 50g of white chocolate and put them in a bowl to melt
Add the 125g of heavy whipping cream into the melted white chocolate
Mix them until smooth.
Using an egg mixer, on medium, start mixing them until it becomes slightly frothy
Add this bowl into the cream cheese bowl that already has gelatin mixed inside
Start mixing them together until it becomes smooth, blended and fully dissolved
When fully dissolved, take 150g from the bowl and put it into another bowl,
Put the bowl with 150g in the fridge

In another bowl, get 7g matcha and the 50g heavy cream
Mix them thoroughly and put the matcha into the bowl not in the fridge.

* the bowl with 150g has no matcha and should be in the fridge
** the bowl not in the fridge should be mixed with matcha

Take the ring mold with the mashed up cookie that was in the fridge
Add the matcha cream cheese mixture into the ring mold
Cover it with a foil wrap and let it sit in the freezer for 10 mins
After 10 mins, add the cream cheese with no matcha on the cake mold
Chill in the freezer for another 10 minutes
Make the matcha glacage

Part 3: Matcha glacage
Mix 5g water and 1g gelatin well in another bowl
Get a saucer pan that can go over the fire and add 33g sugar, 20g of water
Add 4g of matcha by processing through a strainer
Mix them well, and continue mixing them over the fire
When it starts to bubble, add 25g of heavy cream and keep mixing for a few seconds
Take it off the fire and add the gelatin and water mixture
Mix until smooth
Use a strainer and transfer the matcha mixture through the strainer to keep out bigger pieces
Make sure the matcha glacage has cooled down to continue to the next step

Take out the cheesecake from the fridge and add the matcha glacage onto the cheesecake through a strainer again
Make sure it pours even
Chill the cheesecake in the fridge for over 5 hours

enjoy the cheesecake!!

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original cheesecake thats not edited to my taste

Smashed Cucumber Salad

disclaimer: this dish is very depending on your preferences so change the amounts to your taste

Ingredients (any types could work) Quantity
cucumbers about 1 pounds
salt 1 tsp or to taste
sugar 2 tsp or to taste
rice vinegar 1 tbs or to taste
sesame oil 2 tsp
soy sauce 2 tsp
hot chili oil 1-2 tsp


wash cucumbers
peel some of the skin off
put the peeled cucumber on a cutting board and slice the cucumbers the long way
then put it face down and cut the slices
transfer them into a bowl with garlic, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, and chili oil
mix well
then eat!
recommendation: eating it chilled tastes better, put it in the fridge for a few hours or whenever you feel like is ready to eat

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original recipe thats not edited to my taste